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Love Stars Aries with Cancer

love horoscopes Aries Cancer  compatibility
love horoscopes Cancer   Aries  compatibilty

Is LOVE written in the STARS for Aries and Cancer ?

When Aries meets Cancer - is there basic Star Sign Compatibility? Read our free Astrology and Zodiac tips below to find out about Love Stars Aries with Cancer.

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Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Aries Man - Cancer Woman Relationship

Male Aries and Female Cancer

There can be a level of attraction here: positive, energetic Aries man can be a stimulating experience for cautious, protective Cancer woman. And to him, she may seem in need of cheering up. But these two signs are not only elementally opposed fire and water, but they are also both cardinal signs - leaders. And this can lead to serious friction. Who is going to call the shots? And cardinal signs are also pain hiders; Aries by running on to something new, Cancer by retreating into a tough shell. Arguments are likely therefore (about money, perhaps?), and your responses to them (and the pain they cause) are so opposite that successful resolutions could be tricky to find. Want an astrological cliche? Aries man slamming the door while Cancer woman sulks at home. A traditional marital ritual in other words.

Cancer Man - Aries Woman Relationship

Male Cancer and Female Aries

Aries woman and Cancer man are both pretty strong people, both cardinal signs and that can be a source of tension. But then again, Cancer men are poetic, charming characters and that might be an interesting romantic novelty to Aries women, feisty types who are used to calling the shots. Early excitements are definitely possible here. The question is - what happens when he isn't feeling charming? Or when she's feeling assertive? If he withdraws into his shell, she's unlikely to get all girlie and worried, she'll probably just get bored. And go.

Will Aries and Cancer be compatible or will they be star crossed lovers? We will help you to rate your mate.

Love Stars Aries with Cancer

Although the quick Sun Sign Stars guide above may not show a compatible love match all is not lost. For a more detailed Aries Cancer Compatibility Horoscope you need to take other factors into account - see our services opposite and above.


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