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love horoscopes Aries Scorpio  compatibility
love horoscopes Scorpio   Aries  compatibilty

Is LOVE written in the STARS for Aries and Scorpio ?

When Aries meets Scorpio - is there basic Star Sign Compatibility? Read our free Astrology and Zodiac tips below to find out.

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Aries and Scorpio Compatibility

Aries Man - Scorpio Woman Relationship

Male Aries and Female Scorpio

Well. Masculine fire and Feminine water don't always co-exist very easily. But if they are going to manage it, this might be one of the combinations. Aries' ruler - Mars - co-rules Scorpio, so they are closer than either suspects. The reason that neither usually does suspects it is because the differences are so obvious: Aries is fiery heights, Scorpio watery depths. He is open, she is secretive. Her memory is long, his is short. His temper is short, but forgiveness follows quickly. Her temper is calm, but her revenge is certain - no matter how long it takes. If war breaks out, he'll attack you right in your front, she will sting you in the rear. So, if opposites attract, you two must be made for each other.

Scorpio Man - Aries Woman Relationship

Male Scorpio and Female Aries

OK, so fire and water aren't obvious mixers. Don't worry about it too much because this particular fire/water combination can be hot stuff. Scorpio's drive to deep inner truths can touch off a deep chord in an Aries woman (Aries respect for truth there), while Aries openness and loyalty allow Scorpio man to show himself more fully than he's used to. Could all be a bit intense in fact. Emotionally speaking, that is. On a more practical day to day level, this could be a bit harder to stand up. He's all careful, secretive and skeptical, while she's impulsive, direct and open. Hmm. If you can make it work, it's a pretty cool trick.

Will Aries and Scorpio be compatible or will they be star crossed lovers? We will help you to rate your mate.

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