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love horoscopes Cancer  Virgo  compatibility
love horoscopes Virgo   Cancer   compatibilty

Is LOVE written in the STARS for Cancer and Virgo ?

When Cancer meets Virgo - is there basic Star Sign Compatibility? Read our free Astrology and Zodiac tips below to find out.

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Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

Cancer Man - Virgo Woman Relationship

Male Cancer and Female Virgo

This is a good mix for friendship and love. Cancer is cardinal, whilst Virgo is mutable, and astrologers tend to see cardinal man/mutable woman as a good meeting. This is not necessarily a sign that astrology is an arch-conservative subject that sees women as subservient, it's more that women usually have less ego problems than men, and are therefore happier to change for the benefit of close relationships. Especially mutable womenfolk such as Virgos. She will enjoy his charming attentions, he will appreciate her loyalty.

Virgo Man - Cancer Woman Relationship

Male Virgo and Female Cancer

Generally speaking your earth signs and your water signs hit it off pretty well, and that is certainly a genuine possibility in this meeting. However, there is also a definite possibility that there will be some tensions between Virgo man and Cancer woman. It all stems from the fact that Mr Virgo can be a fairly distant chap. His friendships are few but deep (or we hope they are deep, because they are few). This is great for his friends, but lovers might find that he wants to keep too much independence and distance. Plenty of women can deal with this, but I do worry a bit as to whether or not Ms Cancer is one of them, she likes to know that she is No. 1. And if she gets annoyed and possessive, he'll just get more distant, and so forth. Avoid this vicious cycle if you want this to be fun.

Will Cancer and Virgo be compatible or will they be star crossed lovers? We will help you to rate your mate.


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